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Author: Saif Khan

Il Duce and the Forgotten Tramp

He should never have listened to Mussolini, Hitler thought with a self-satisfied grin as he read the documents Admiral Canaris had brought him. Well, there was still time to change things. Mussolini can fend for himself.

10 Reasons Why Chocolate is Your Best Friend

You would find chocolate lovers everywhere justifying their addiction with the statement that it is good for health. They may not be that far off the mark because scientific researchers have concluded that there is more to it than just sugar and calories.

Burial Suit That Turns You Into Mushrooms

Mushrooms are known as one of the world’s greatest decomposers. According to mycologist Paul Stamets, fungi can clean up everything from oil spills to nuclear meltdowns. He thinks mushrooms can come close to saving the planet.

Atif Mian and Pakistan’s Misguided Religious Intolerance

Witnessing this whole alarming Atif Mian debacle was extremely disappointing, to say the least. One would think that since the Constitution has declared Ahmadi community a non-Muslim minority, then Pakistanis will learn to give them at least the rights of a minority as defined in the same constitution. But that is evidently not the case.

Kyun Nikala Mujhe?

A short movie portraying different job attitudes in a workplace environment. Each employee has a different level of commitment to their organisation, due to a number of contributing factors, and it affects their behaviour in an organisation.

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His Last Speech

His eyes swept the bright, prolific auditorium before him, taking in the young, eager faces, all with their eyes set on him.

From Indifference to Passion

I had realised that it was the time to let go of the fears, believe in myself, and make myself useful. This was the change that Imran Khan had brought about, and with the sleeping youth rising, I could see Pakistan on the doorstep of a revolution.